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A Peaceful Place to Escape in Kufri

The Jungle Mountain Retreat greets you with a warm heart. It is situated near Kufri, a secluded location surrounded by deodar forest on all sides with amazing lush greenery, and has a perfect view of the valley of the mountain. Experience a pristine tranquility far from the hustle and bustle of the cities and enjoy a stunning view of nature. The hotel is nestled amidst the natural beauty of the Himalayas. You can enjoy our unique hospitality and harmonies with the exquisite Himalayan surroundings and our excellent hospitality services. Explore the city of Shimla and discover all the monuments that are a testament to the culture and traditions of this awe-inspiring of Himachal Pradesh tradition.




The Jungle Mountain Retreat
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The Jungle Mountain Retreat has an additional extra service for customers to enjoy and to get the most amazing benefits while staying with us. Small additions to the services can make a big difference and make guests smile. It’s all about having the most convenient and comfortable experience possible which we provide.

Staying at a luxury hotel can be relaxing, be it traveling to different cities or countries for vacation, work tours, or even satiations. Being part of the hospitality industry with business depends on being hospitable to customers. We have certain services that we provide to customers for a better experience for the guests and more visibility and goodwill for the hotel.

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The Jungle Mountain Retreat
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Pick Up & Drop (Paid)

A comfortable pick-up and drop service for guests to their stations.

Parking Space

Arrangements of parking a parallel, perpendicular, and angle parking.

Room Service

Room service is all about delivering the food and drinks to guests.

Spa Jacuzzi with Steamer

It is a system of underwater jets of water to steam the body.

Fibre Internet

A fiber optic provides a higher speed, shared with multiple devices.


The most important meal of the day is breakfast and a healthier heart.

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Wedding Managements

A Venue of Wedding

A wedding is a lovelier, friendly, and charming relationship and a special affair for two souls. Celebrate your special day at beautiful and amazing locations with magnificent venues in the hills. Begin your new life together with family and friends amidst lush greenery, your every whim and fancy are at our service. For memorable weddings, choose The Jungle Mountain Retreat, surrounded by mountain getaways, lush greenery, beautiful forest, and desert forts.


A Indoor Games to Play

The Jungle Mountain Retreat has an amazing indoor game to enjoy. We have a wide variety of indoor gaming facilities for both youngsters as well as elder ones. We sure make sure that you never spend even a minute bored when you can play a game available with your loved ones. Our indoor activities include games such as Chess, Carom Board, mini table tennis, mini pool table, and Ludo, etc. Playing the games you can relax and enjoy every moment.


A Cooperative Conference Hall

The Jungle Mountain Retreat has availability of a Conference Hall. It has three types of Conference; U shape, round shape, and board room. The Conference Hall has the facilities of the Mice, Projector, Mineral water, and Speaker. Being in the Conference hall have the unique privilege to enjoy the breathtaking view during a conference break will make a huge difference, leading to a most memorable business meeting with an amazing trip.


A Multi Cuisine Restaurant

The Jungle Mountain Retreat has a very beautiful and cozy restaurant. It has a virtual bonanza for nature-walk with an amazing view of nature. The Restaurant still imbibes all the ambiance of the fashionable ballroom. The menu includes pan-Indian and local Himachali dishes. At the accommodation, you will find a restaurant serving a portion of delicious food. All Dishes give an amazing moment and all the cuisines are prepared fresh.

Spa Jacuzzi with Steamer

Spa Jacuzzi with Steamer

A Spa Jacuzzi with a steamer to induce perspiration in an enclosed space. A jacuzzi would be much more useful as a facility to enjoy safely. It is one of the most obvious benefits of a hot tub is the potential to help ease the tensions of the day. Relaxing in a steam room can help to soothe both your mind and your body, it helps to alleviate stress and tension, and the calm environment promotes mindfulness and also turn, lowers blood pressure, relieves headaches, and can also help to promote a better night's sleep.


Fitness Center

Wellness is at the forefront of many people’s lives so The Jungle Mountain retreat has a Fitness center, where Wellness must be present in its offer of services having health at the center. The Fitness Center is a health, and social facility recreational, and geared towards exercise, sports, and other physical activities. The Jungle Mountain Retreat Have all containing special equipment for fitness for physical exercise and getting fit.

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Each of our rooms features a private bath, Wi-Fi, and cable television and includes the basic amenities.





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